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Each pi-xel represents one of the 7019 donations
since november 12th, 2014
adding up to € 283971 with 649 monthly donations

Thanks for all supporters ! <3


En donnant à la Quadrature du Net, vous aidez à la défense des libertés fondamentales sur Internet et au-delà.

Vos dons constituent la ressource principale de notre action et le gage de notre indépendance.

Vous pouvez nous soutenir par des dons ponctuels, toujours possibles et très appréciés, mais si vous en avez la possibilité, nous vous serions très reconnaissants d'envisager le don mensuel, qui nous permet d'avoir une plus grande visibilité sur notre budget.

Vous pouvez donner par : carte bancaire, chèque, crypto-monnaies ou virement.

La Quadrature acts on a daily basis to defend our fundamental freedoms!

  • For a real protection of Net Neutrality and non-discrimination of data;
  • For a protection of Privacy of surveillance by governments and corporations;
  • For adapting copyright to current cultural practices and legalising non-market sharing of digital works between individuals.
  • For freedom of expression against censorship.
  • For the exclusion of any disposition endangering our fundamental liberties in international agreements (TAFTA, CETA, TISA, ACTA, etc);
  • For the participation of all in public debate and democracy;
  • For the defence of an Internet that respects us and that we love <3

La Quadrature du Net analyses, takes position, debates, alerts and fights for Internet to remain the sharing space accessible to all that it is.

La Quadrature du Net's actions for the protection of our fundamental rights has a cost and would not be possible without the support of the many citizens invested in those efforts. Whatever form it takes, the participation of all is vital if we want to consolidate and multiply these citizen victories. In the same time each one of us can help by gathering and spreading information around us to our families, friends, colleagues... That is the only way we will succeed in protecting our fundamental rights, sharing our culture and reclaiming our data... You too must become an Internet super-hero!

Ils nous soutiennent !

Edwy Plenel

Laurence Blisson


Robert Cantarella