Thank you for your support which will allow us to continue our actions in 2017! You can also support other organisations defending civil rights in the digital era such as the April, Framasoft or Nos Oignons.

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See the graph on the left for 2015 spendings. In 2016 (forecast), the spendings had a 20% increase as the staff wasn't fully hired during in 2015.

La Quadrature du Net was structured around three sections (analysis, campaign and tool development) until mid 2016. We decided to have a more flexible organisation mixing analysis and campaign on each subjects and actions. The association has seven employees and have offices in Paris, France to host the daily work of the staff and the numerous activites. More than ever your support is needed to help the long terme action and our independance.

If we go over our campaign objective, we will use the funds to stabilize the long-term actions of La Quadrature du Net by reinforcing our team on the national and international strategy.


Everyday, La Quadrature du Net defends freedoms and civil rights in the digital age. This objective goes through the organisation of workshops, awareness campaigns, publication of detailed analysis, development of tools, meeting with representatives but also public interventions.

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The supporters of La Quadrature du Net are actively involved in the campaigns and actions of La Quadrature du Net. They are the face of the organisation on the Internet, in the streets...

The Strategic Orientation Council

The council decides the guidelines of La Quadrature du Net. It includes activists, researchers and IT professionals. All are recognised for their general expertise.


Seven employees work daily for the organisation of La Quadrature du Net's campaigns.