Frequently asked questions

If you need an accounting receipt for your donation, send us an mail. Please note that it does not entitle you to a tax deduction.

Sadly, no. The French ministry of economic and financial affairs refused to grant us the necessary agreement to deduce your donation from your taxes.

We cannot edit the amount of a monthly donation by credit card, for obvious reasons regarding mutual trust and security. If you wish to give less or more, please cancel the current donation: write at, clearly specifying the e-mail address you used for the donation. We'll cancel it as soon as we receive your message.

Drop us an email at, using the email address you used when you made the donation. We will stop the payment as soon as we get your request, and you'll receive a confirmation by email.

Yes: all your monthly and one time donations associated with the same email address are stacked up et grant you access to compensations.
If you used several different emails/accounts and want to merge them, please get in touch with us at

Connect to your personal account at with your former email address and change it. If something is broken, mail us at

Of course! You can simply send your check to us at this postal address:
La Quadrature du Net
115 Rue de Ménilmontant,
75020 Paris FRANCE.
Important note: If you already have a donor account, specify the email address on the back of the check and we will add your donation to your account.

Obviously yes! Ask for our IBAN at
This should be enough to wire us your donation from any European country.
Important note: If you already have a donor account, specify the email address in your transfer order and we will add your donation to your account.

We no longer accept donations in Bitcoin: they represent a small proportion of donations and have a disproportionate ecological impact. We continue to accept donations by cash, check or other means.
Please do not use our old Bitcoin address: your donations will go into the void.

No. We do not recommend the use of Paypal for ethical reasons (specifically because of their actions against WikiLeaks) and because of the excessive costs of this solution. We decided to close our account.

We're not selling any T-shirts, they are gifts for our supporters to show our considerations to you and to our most generous donors. The only way to get them is to make a donation.

Connect to your personal account via this addres: and click on "Ask for compensations".

We send claimed items every few weeks. It can be a while but we're not forgetting about you! If you have questions, send us an email:

Yes, we did change our support website. You should cancel your pledge at FDNN and make a new one on our website.

Yes, we do accept corporate donations, but under strict conditions to respect our independence. The financial regulations available on our website set out the terms and conditions:
- The proportion of LQDN's annual budget contributed by companies in any given year may not exceed 20% of the budget.
- Annual corporate donations may not exceed 10,000 euros. For the application of this rule, a subsidiary controlled by a company is considered to be part of that company.
- The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse any corporate donation in excess of 1,000 euros if it considers that acceptance of such a donation is likely to undermine the Association's corporate purpose or independence.
Corporate donations give right to a donation receipt that can be used as an accounting document.
If you would like to make a donation of over 1,000 euros, please contact us:

La Quadrature du Net is financed mainly by individual donations: your donations! We also accept corporate donations, but all donations over €1,000 are subject to approval by the association's members (see above). The remainder of our budget is essentially made up of support from various foundations. For more details, please visit our website

In order to process your donations, we, La Quadrature Du Net, collect personal information. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the French Data Protection Act, you have the right to information, rectification, limitation and deletion of your data.
We collect the following data:
  • an email, a nickname, tha total amount of your donations, 4 digits of your credit card number. If you request compensations, we also collect a postal address, as well as information on garment size if you provide it. This information is kept for as long as your account exists. You can view this information from your account.
  • In order to process your donations, our financial manager may have access to this information. In order to manage technical issues, our technical manager may have access to this information.
  • As part of the donation process, our bank will also be informed of the amount of your donation and your bank details as provided on their website. To find out more about data management by our bank, please consult their legal notice.
Upon deletion of your account, we will delete all related data. You can also request that your information be forwarded to you, corrected or deleted by simply contacting us at our contact address. You can also contact the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) to find out about your rights.