Since 2013, La Quadrature du Net is a NGO declared in prefecture. Its daily functioning is articulated around a Strategic Orientation Council, a Bureau, the staff and a community of volunteers.


The action of La Quadrature du Net would be impossible without the daily involvement of numerous volunteers: in the Strategic Orientation Council, in the Press Review team, by sharing and spreading the informations published on the website, by participating the awareness campaigns, by contributing to the tools... The volunteers make possible the work and the existence of La Quadrature du Net.
If you wish, you can find new ways to participate to our actions here.

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The Strategic Orientation Council

The Strategic Orientation Council has as a mission to define the guidelines of La Quadrature du Net's work and to take the necessary decisions to its functioning. It includes co-founders and recognised persons for their expertise in their field:

  • Philippe Aigrain
  • Benjamin Bayart
  • Laurent Chemla
  • Lionel Maurel
  • Yoann Spicher
  • Benjamin Sonntag
  • Félix Tréguer
  • Jérémie Zimmermann

The staff

The staff of La Quadrature du Net implements the decision of the board, coordinates and facilitates the work with all the actors of the organisation. Also, it is the staff that takes care of the daily work of the organisation such as following the legislative evolutions, the communication, campaigns or workshops. Considering that all this work requires a daily presence, members of staff are remunerated.

It is structured in three poles:


Adrienne Charmet and Christopher Talib, in charge of campaigns and communication,

Baptiste Dagneaux, designer in charge of visual communication,


Agnès de Cornulier and Léa Caillère Falgueyrac in charge of policy and legal analysis,


Okhin, in charge of development and maintenance of tools,

The three poles are supported on logistic and administrative aspects by Mathieu Labonde.